Roland Integra 7 Control Rack for Cantabile 3 Performer

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Hi All,

I made a Roland Integra 7 Control rack for @SteveK and it worked well so I thought I’d share it along with brief instructs. Included in the zip file are the .ins files for the Integra that make choosing the programs easier. Thanks to @brad for the cakewalk .ins file feature.

Here is the rack and ins files …

Integra (224.4 KB)

  • To begin add the rack and set it’s state behaviors as shown below. The Studio Set, Master Level and all the part settings you make inside the rack are saved to the song file but you have to set your I7 rack behavior settings like so at the song level.

SnapShot 223a

remove any input routes that adding the updated rack may make and add only the MIDI out route from the rack to like this to your Integra 7 port you made in Cantabile.

SnapShot 224

the rack slider is for adjusting the Integra master Levels

When you press the first custom button it opens the mixer part on the routes pane of the rack

On the inside the mixer part is the same, the sliders on the racks adjust the gain on each part. The corresponding rack enable/disable button mute and unmute each part. The Studio Session can be selected using the states list on the left or from the hamburger menu on the rack at song level.

The second custom button opens the rack to the bindings or PG change area to set the patch or patches for the song.

When done editing you escape the rack editor to song level and press the third button on the rack save the Studio Set choice, the Master level setting the parts levels and the PG changes to the Cantabile song file.




I know Steve is happy with this!

Steve is. It’s just another one of Dave’s stellar pieces of work. The Rackmaster strikes again!!

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The Rackmaster is truly a Mad Scientist!


Obviously a user of Gorilla Glue for the hair.

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