Roland FC-300 irreplaceable pots, Cantabile saves the day!

flip, you just try getting replacement pots for the FC-300.
over 2 months i’ve been trying. Roland just does not give a damn. they push you off to their dealers and service agents. my local dealer said Roland service were notoriously bad at replying. the dealer is still trying to get info of availability. the service agents don’t bother to reply or don’t supply parts if they do reply.
the FC-300 uses a Roland specific flavour of the Alps RK11 10k pot. the closest you can buy is RK11K1140A3L which has the right shaft, bushing and dimensions. all of which you’ll need to get it mounted on the board and connected to the pedal mechanism.
it has the wrong resistance taper. you can’t order the log taper variant from Alps unless you’re going to buy a lot. Alps brushed me off even after saying i’d order the min 1600 items.
so i fitted the RK11K1140A3L.
even after calibration you’ll get midi cc’s of 55-127.
thankfully, it’s a doddle to map out that limited range to a full range with Cantabile. the loss of resolution isn’t really noticeable on a foot pedal.

contrast the terrible Roland support with Novation:
i had a dodgey pitchbend on an ageing 61sl mk2. quick webchat on their website. asks me to recalibrate. i’d already tried it. he forwards me to technical dept. they email the next day. i reply. 2 days later a new pitchbend assembly pops through the letterbox completely free of charge.


Annnnnnnnnnd you just convinced me to buy a Behringer FC-1010. I can replace the entire thing 4 times over for the cost of the Roland. Thanks! :smiley:


the FCB1010 is great value. the expression pedals use LEDs and a graduated optical filter. neat idea; no pots to wear out. they feel great and are very accurate.
the buttons are a piece better on the FC-300 though. if you’re going to use a button on the FCB1010 for sustain then you’ll have to learn to keep it deeply pressed or it’ll stop sustaining just at the moment it sounds worst.
there is a mod to swap the micro-switches that looks doable.
my FCB1010 (and i’m sure it’s an isolated case) has mental health issues though. the UNO rom would forget settings after not using it for a week or so. and now the FCB-505 rom which worked great for a few weeks, is like it’s shifted a bit somewhere. seriously odd.

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