ROLAND FA-08 & KORG TRITON le trouble

I HAVE A ROLAND fa-08, and a KORG TRITON le, and I USE MIDI (Out from Roland…in to Korg),
But I sant to play eg. A brasstheme on the Korg and Piano on the Roland, so I have to CUT the MIDI connection…
Can I do this from my ROLAND…?
Is Therese a knob I have to push or…?
This must happening fast AS Im on stage…

From the land in the NORTH…NORWAY

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Well if you’re a Cantabile user, you could always send the MIDI OUT from the Roland into your PC, and pass a PC MIDI OUT to the Korg, essentially putting Cantabile in the middle of that link. That way you can use Cantabile’s bindings or song states to switch on/off the connection, and you could control this from a button press, footswitch, or even a specific note on the keyboard. In fact it would allow you to do many other cool things as well.

In fact one brilliant feature of this is that if you use Cantabile to cut the connection while you’re holding/sustaining notes, Cantabile will be clever enough to ensure the Korg receives the appropriate note off / sustain up messages when they’re released, even after cutting the link, so you never get hung notes. If you cut the link manually by pulling out the MIDI cable, you’d almost certainly get hung notes.

The only disadvantage is that putting Cantabile in the link between your synths is going to add a small amount of latency, which may or may not be noticable.


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