Roland Edirol PCR-500

Ive just picked up a PCR-500 to try with Cantabie and was wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these boards.


Hi Chris,
I use a PCR-300 along with a Novation Impulse. Only problem I’ve had is the occasional stuck note but I can’t say that it’s definitely the PCR. Have mapped one control map which controls rack and master volumes, next/previous song, next state and pads assigned to a background rack containing Toontrack EZ-Drummer 2 for percussion. Works well.

I have PCR-800(s) and have had no issues with Cantabile. However, Roland/Microsoft is another story. Roland doesn’t support Windows 10, so the only way I can use them now is with a separate MIDI/USB interface (and that requires a power supply for the PCR-800).

Hi guys, I have found a patch online and it enables me to use my PCR-500 with windows 10 and Cantabile. Ive had no issues so far and are still testing.