Roland D-50 MIDI CC #123- All Notes Off

Well, I’ll be danged. Was programming a new song tonight and noticed some weird behavior with my D-50 and Arturia Piano. It was chopping off the release portion of notes. Long story short- it seems the D-50 sends an all notes off message whenever the last key is released and it creates havoc with some plug-ins. I’ve used the thing for years as a controller and never realized this until tonight. I was having odd behavior with M-Tron Pro as well and never put two and two together. Now that I know the issue I can filter it in Cantabile but- what a PITA!! Are there other keyboards that do this? According to my web-fu this cannot be disabled in the keyboard. Does anyone know differently?? Thanks!

(BTW I figured out what was going on with Cantabile’s MIDI monitor function. Very cool.)

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Never seen that before on any of my keyboards. Quite unusual. Is there a global/utility setting in the D50 that lets you turn it off?

If not, then Cantabile filtering comes out the rescue! :slight_smile:

I remember having that exact same problem with my D-50, years ago, and back then I had to solve it with a MIDI Solutions hardware filter box. Life is all so much easier these days with Cantabile :slight_smile:

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Ahh. the old Roland All Note Off issue. :slight_smile:
That generation of Rolands had a protocol where. when all note ons were released, the synth would issue an All Note Off command. Caused havoc for many - especially if using the D50 as a master keyboard!
Setting up a filter on that keyboard’s midi output to zap CC123 was the order of the day… and still is!

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The crazy thing is, I’ve been using a D-50 as a controller since at least the mid 2000s and never noticed. It just happens that for most of that time I’ve used it for controlling organ modules :smiley: Or apparently things that didn’t respond to cc 123.

Many of the old Rolands do this. I’ve had CC123 filtered out on the input to my DAW for a couple of decades!