Roland cloud manager question

Out of curiosity I downloaded this and have installed Zenology Lite. But how do I run it in Cantabile. Where are the .dll files Cantabile needs to look for?

If you have installed Steinberg product, like Cubase, the default folder is:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins
Else, there is a bit of anarchy about the correct placement of the VSTs. Try here:
C:\Program Files\Vstplugins\ or else:
Look at the folder Program files (x86)\ and its subfolders, too
The default location for VST3 is:
C:\Program files\Common Files\VST3
Then, open Cantabile’s settings and select the right folder(s) and choose where your plugins installed your plugins (.dll and .vst3)
Don’t forget that each VST installer, can put the .dll in any of those folders, so in Cantabile, add the scan on those VSTs places.
In non-English version of Windows, “Program Files” will be translated in your local language. Not a problem, just follow the “local name”.
I don’t know how “Program Files” appears in Cantabile’s menu. I have Windows and all the programs in English, anyway both original and translated Programs folder, are the same thing.

Eventually found it under C:\Program files\Common Files\VST3\Roland\Zenology

After Steinberg deprecated the VST2 format, the VST3 is the new official standard. So, latest instruments are often available in VST3 only.

I wonder if Cloud in VST3 means it will play better than before?

I am using Roland Cloud with Zenology Pro and it works well with Cantabile. Extremely bad thing is that other VSTs supplied with this account (like D50 for example) keep on asking code authorization if you are not connected. This is outrageous… If I am not able to solve it I will stop paying yearly membership.
Other VSTs offered for some weeks (Jupiter8) are saved in your directory, so you can call them in your host, but of course they ask authorization. Very disappointing

I never had that problem when I was using Cloud. It ran quite happily offline. I only stopped using it because I was not using it much and trying to move the VST 2 instruments to the non-default location made a total mess of things. So I gave up and uninstalled.

And had the subscription long enough to get the lifetime usage of the D50 and Jupiter 8 which were the two Roland instruments I was mainly interested in.