Roland Boutique 60 Second Sessions - My Entry

Here’s a short, one minute snippet from a new track I’m recording for my new album, ‘Ultrasound’. This short edit is my entry to the Roland Boutique 60 Second Sessions competition.
Here’s the description from my YouTube video…
“AusDisciples Band, Roland 60 Second Sessions video competition entry. Making use here of plenty of Roland gear both vintage and new. Synths in this video - Roland JP08 x 2 Boutique synthesizers played via Yamaha KX8 keyboard & linked for eight voice true polyphony via MidiGAL, Roland System 700 analog step sequencer and System 100 complete synthesizer and step sequencer both locked to REAPER DAW via Expert Sleepers ES3 interface, Roland Juno 6 and Juno 106 analog polysynths, Roland SH09 analog synthesizer, Roland JX3P analog polysynth with PG200 controller, Minimoog Voyager analog synthesizer, Yamaha SY77 AFM & AWM2 synthesizer, Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer. All sounds on this track (except drums) are from the Roland synthesizers exclusively. No software synths used. Drums are from Superwave Tinypops VSTi.”


Really good! I’ve always had a soft spot for the JX3P. I nearly bought one but the Prophet-600 came out and I went with that…

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Cheers Fred. :slight_smile:
I’ve always had a soft spot for Sequential Circuits (DSI) but have never owned one (yet). P600s seem to be fetching quite substantial prices these days.
It’s great to see Dave Smith producing new analog synths again too.

I’ve upgraded my JX3P with the Inque MIDI mod which gives me velocity sensitivity via MIDI and full MIDI CC from the PG200 and back to the synth. It also allows sending of PG200 data and MIDI at the same time which isn’t possible with a stock 3P. It was a pretty straight forward mod and well worth the money.