[RFC] Per Song/State Metronome Sounds

Hey Guys,

I was just looking at this task for allowing different songs and states to have metronome sounds on/off.

This is fairly trivial to implement but there’s a couple of gotchas I want to ask about.

  1. Is it just the sounds enabled/disabled that needs to support this, or should the metronome volume also be per-song/state.
  2. If I just switch this to a per-song/state setting, then you might need to go through all your songs and set it up as you want it. eg: if you normally have the metronome sounds enabled, and it’s changed to a per-song setting which defaults to off, then you’ll need to turn it on in all your songs. I could provide a global option - “enable metronome sounds in new songs” which would provide the default setting for new songs and songs from previous versions, but I’d prefer not to.
  3. Does there need to be a master override. eg: some people might prefer to just always manually control whether the metronome sounds are on/off - ie: a switch to revert to the current behaviour.



Initial reaction is

  1. Yes (implement volume)
  2. Whatever
  3. Yes


I reserve the right to rethink after other arguments are made.

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Hi Brad,

I like Fred’s answer, it covers my thoughts on it as well :grinning:


Does this make sense…


It does for me. It looks just what I’ve been looking for.

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@brad Just perfect! Thanks!