Rework of the solo-function?

Hey people,

I’d like to hear your suggestion on this.
I think most C3 users are working the way I do: I have several instruments in linked racks. All my racks in a song are not going directly to an audio output, but into another “master song rack” which allows to easily set a song-volume and if needed song master-effects.
Now I step through the presets of a plugin I’d like to solo it. But the problem is, that if I solo the rack, the master-song-rack gets muted and so the sound is not hearable at all. So do you think it would make sense that cantabile tracks the audio-path of a rack and when soloing a rack it leaves all necessary audio ports open?

How do you guys work?


Hey Chris, I turn off ‘Solo Control’ on the Master Rack and then it’s all good.

solo control

Just right click on the rack slot you want removed from solo control and uncheck the box.


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Perfect!!! another function I missed!