Revert rack error

Hello, on the V.4 build 4150, I’ve made “Revert Rack” and this operation completely destroyed the rack, the plugins inside the rack disappeared, the rack turned to mute, and if I click on the x lto activate it, I get this error message:

Revert Rack error

Reloading the rack from the hard drive (Add Object>Existing Linked Rack…) does not give the Rack back, it shows like in the image above.

Any ideas on what happened? Bug…?

Thank you!

I’ve seen this message myself a couple of times recently and would also like to know why it comes up. I believe at the time I was trying to restore a plugin that failed to load inside a linked rack.

Trying to replace a VST2 version with a VST3 version was the source of my problem. The MIDI route was looking for (plugin) MIDI In and the VST3 version uses (plugin) MIDI Event instead.

If someone can send me a reproducible case for this I’ll look into it.

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Hi @brad it happened to me only once, in the way I’ve described here above. I don’t know how to reproduce it, I’ve just modified couple things in a rack (volumes, audio outputs if I remember good), then I wanted to revert it, and it’s been destroyed, unrecoverable, plugins inside the rack disappeared, etc. I’ve the corrupted rack, I can send it here attached, if it helps… thank you!

RealGuitarsX.cantabileRack (2.4 KB)

Reverting a linked rack causes an object reference error for me as well. I have backtracked it to build 4150 with .NET 6. Previous builds worked OK. Today I installed 4165 and the fault is still reproducible. I will be emailing @Brad the log files shortly.

Here are the basic steps I used to create the fault.

  1. created a new song
  2. create a new linked rack
  3. inserted 4Front Piano x64 plugin into the rack
  4. saved linked rack
  5. saved song
  6. highlight the plugin in the linked rack
  7. revert rack from the file menu (Crash)

Here are a few pictures with console and verbose logging enabled;

Object Reference Error C4

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Thanks for the additional info. This should be fixed for the next build.


Please try build 4166 and let me know if this still happens.

Thanks @Dave_C and @brad for checking deeper into this issue and thanks @brad for fixing it.

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Thank-you @brad.
Build 4166 has fixed the revert rack error at my end. :+1:

Much appreciated,

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Excellent! Thanks @brad

Hey Guys.

Thanks for letting me know. Glad it’s fixed.