Reversing to earlier builds

Is it possible to go back to an earlier stable build? I have always upgraded to the experimental builds without hesitation and without problems. 3179 was still very stable and quick loading for me. The last two builds have stalled (circle of death) on occasion and have become very slow loading, even though I have changed nothing but builds. I had to restart Cantabile during live performance and rehearsal on 3180 and 3181. Of course, my band mates are not happy with a pause as I rapidly struggle to to get back up. Still, in all, I absolutely love C3.

Yes, it is all good to go back!

Thanks so much Dave!

Yes it’s generally OK to go back, but a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Occasionally there are non-backwards compatible changes to song/setlist file formats. These will always be marked in the release notes with a message to the effect of “backup your song files before using this version”. If it’s a significant/critical change sometimes I’ll put in a warning message box popup when you open an older file.
  • Sometimes settings file format changes and normally this will result in something like a short cut key not working. Usually easily rectified in Options dialog.


Thank you Brad. I was a little concerned about those possible changes so I did back up my files just in case. Plan to initiate the change today. Many thanks to you and Dave for the rapid responses.

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