Reverse tape effect VSTi

Any suggestions for a VSTi which will accomplish this? I have a 4-measure section in a song where I’d like to use this effect. Free would be awesome.


I had this around, GRevDly looks like it might do it and free, let us know. It does up a second of effect at a time.


Thanks Dave. The best way I an think of to describe it: it’s more of a delay/echo effect which adds a swell in volume (from zero to full) for each echo before fading out entirely. It’s not a big deal for this song. I have seen a couple of vsti’s which claim to do this (e.g. Glitch 2) but unless I need this for more than occasional use, I’ll probably just sub a chorus or flanger effect.

That Glitch 2 prog looks cool, way more sophisticated. :grinning: Thanks for the link.

Hi Lee, I don’t know if this will do it but i located the older free glitch files (ver 1.3 32 bit) they are here : :grinning:

Thanks Dave, I did note the old version but haven’t explored it yet.