[Resolved] Watch out. You pay and they don't send you the serial number

Cuidado pagas y no recibes el número de serie

Please do not defame the site until you get started. Are you speaking of a Cantabile purchase? You are not clear on anything, and I am trying to understand. Please do not make new posts on the same subject, and it would help if you loose the anger, and try to help us help you.

Difamar en mi país es un delito, Yo no estoy difamando. Me dijeron que me enviarían un número de licencia y yo envié una cantidad de dinero, no se si es compra, suscripción o cuota. La realidad es que no me enviaron el número de licencia que dijeron que la enviarían por correo. En mi país cuando usted acusa de un delito que no se ha cometido se llama CALUMNIA y es penado por la ley. Así si no sabe mi idioma no me acuse de algo que no estoy diciendo. Si no entiende el español ponga un traductor.

Carlos Aldana.

Again, you gave us nothing to help you. I asked you what you were purchasing, but then you send another hateful post. This is a VERY helpful community. But, I can not help you without information, and I refuse to continue a discussion with an angry, hateful person. I gave you information on how to access your portal. I have no idea what your country deems as law…how would I? So, I am out, and will not take your abuse while trying to help you. Good luck on your search.


Hey Carlos,

first: the language used on this forum is English, so posting in Spanish will not get you a lot of help. I suggest that instead of demanding from others to use a translator, it would be better for you to adapt to the language spoken on the forum (or use a translator yourself) - if you’re really interested in support and not just here to vent or throw a bad light on Cantabile and its developer.

Second: generally, Brad (the developer of Cantabile) is extremely responsive and helpful. So far, to my knowledge, there haven’t been any incidents around license payments discussed on this forum that haven’t been resolved in a nice and friendly way. So your generalized statement in your post title is fundamentally untrue. If you stay constructive and cooperative, I am sure that @brad will be able to help you.

Third: Important to know: Cantabile is developed and supported by one person only, so if Brad is not responding immediately, there may be other priority issues he needs to deal with in parallel. I suggest you have a bit of patience, and things WILL get resolved.

Fourth: this forum is one of the most helpful areas I know of on the web. Coming in with a fresh account and immediately accusing one of the most experienced and helpful forum members of a crime is also not a good way to get any help at all.

That’s it from my side - no use throwing any more angry statements around at me as well…




This has got to be spam.
Or else Carlos needs needs medical help.


?Porqué has pagado sin saber cual sea?
Usa el traductor de Google:

Y dejas de ser tan impaciente y tonto.


Just another European demonstrating admirably why Brexit was necessary! :wink:


Just to clarify what happened here: the customer mistyped their email address during the purchase process. Although the order was processed immediately, the email with the license details couldn’t be sent.

I believe the issue is now resolved. Closing this topic.