(resolved) Some plugins responding to next/previous program

Puzzled. In one song have 2 plugins (Valhalla) one reverb and one delay. I have bindings to that transport FFD FWD go to next/previous song state. The reverb does not react to these events; the delay does. Can’t figure out why the delay does that and how I can make that behavior go away. Clues?

How do you have State Behavior set for each of them? Are they in a Rack?

Nope; the 2 FX plugins are not in a rack. And what’s weird is they behave differently. They are chained; audio first goes into delay and the delay wet/dry mix goes into reverb.

The binding that generates the next/previous song state output to omni. If I output it to an unused midi channel the plugins ignore the binding - but then cantabile no longer switches states either. Related?

Found what happened and it was not related to Cantabile bindings. It was a plugin I’m developing that was misbehaving.

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