Resetting States and one more thing


Hi guys,

I get the feeling this is going to be more difficult to explain than to do, but here goes…

I think I’m misunderstanding the ‘Also reset when loading this state’ function. If I save my rack in a certain state, then add the ‘Also reset…’ checkbox, Cantabile doesn’t go back to the saved state when that rack state is called again. So, implicitly, this is what I’m trying to do. I’ve got a rack with a piano, strings and a pad in it. I’ve set up bindings so that I can mute and un-mute the pad and strings with buttons on my controller. So far, so good. Then I go to another rack (selected via rack states and another button on my controller) which has Clav sounds (4 different ones) in it and they can be selected on my controller. Excellent. What I want to happen is when I go back to the piano rack is for the pad and the strings to be muted (MIDI routes off) as a default, the saved rack state. Is this not what the reset is meant to do? (I did also try setting up some faders to change, for example, the phase depth on one of the clav sounds but it did the same thing, just came back in the state I’d left it in before the state change.)

Also, my other question. Is it possible to only have a binding fire on a specific rack state selection, the ‘On load’ bindings fire every time you select any rack state. I’m trying to use bindings to reset the rack, but only want the bindings specific to one embedded rack to fire when the state calling that rack is selected.

I hope all this makes some kind of sense!



It’s alright, I worked out the 'bindings on specific states ’ issue! Doh (there’s a state behaviour check box)

The other issue is still baffling me though



Check the guide on state reset - it will make things somewhat clearer. State reset will NOT reset fully to the original saved state, but rather reset some very specific parameters that you need to define via “capture defaults”. You can use state reset mostly for any changes to plugin parameters you make via controllers, e.g. filter cutoff, layer volume, …).




Thanks Torsten,

Amazing as always!