Reset binded values upon song revisiting?

Hi, I may be missing something but can’t figure out a thing:

Let’s say I have a song where at the beginning only piano sound is active and I enable other sounds (like left hand bass) later on via midi and bindings.

When I load the song first time in a session everything works fine. However let’s say I play other songs in the setlist and then return to play the song for the second time.

Now the last values are loaded, e.g. with left hand bass enabled. How to reset the values every time I load the song?

I tried using revert but I don’t want the resource-intensive hard file revert, only binded values.
Any idea?

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Hi Matej,

Can you post the song that is giving the trouble for a look see?


I do this in several songs. You can use a binding from Song >> On Load to initialize the other sounds to be disabled (at whichever level you’re enabling them later in the song - MIDI route or plugin state or whatever).

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  • Jimbo

I think if you flag the initial state as “reset”:
Then use Song On Load to load the first state.

Hi all,
Thanks, I thought about the @dbrendon solution but it didn’t seem to work properly so I dug a little bit deeper and found that I also used conditions on certain routes (based on the CC used for those sounds). The initial values for those CC’s are based on live controller and don’t reset to saved values on song load. So I basically got rid of those conditions and recreated “conditions” using bindings by enabling and disabling routes instead. Now it works fine.

However, most of my songs use only one state and I was thinking why is there no binding that would reset those to saved song values? Kinda a soft revert but without reloading plugins. Basically the same as “reset state” binding but without having to use states. Maybe it exists but I’m missing something?

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