Requesting Voice Effect Help

I would like to get a background voice effect similar to the voice effect in the song “Miracle” by Tauren Wells. It occurs for 8 bars around 2:32 in this video: Tauren Wells - Miracle (Live)
Unlike this performance, which I think is tracked, I want to trigger the locked notes with a keyboard via Cantabile. Eb, D, E.
Does anyone have a recommendation for plugin and settings that can also be controlled like this. I was just playing around with Vocal Bender by Waves but couldn’t get the notes controlled via keyboard and didn’t even know if it was the right plugin to get this sound. My first time playing around with vocal effects similar to this. Thanks so much if you can help.

It’s a vocoder. There are vocoder plug-ins, but I’ve never found them much good. There’s one in the Arturia V range IIRC.

There are plenty of hardware choices these days. I have several synths that vocode, but my personal favourite is the Behringer VC340, since it has useful vocal and string sounds.

The novelty of robotic voices wears off quickly, though, so it might be worth waiting for Black Friday to see if a deal comes up.

An option you might want to consider is the Digitech Vocalist. That produces more realistic harmony voices than a vocoder, but if you’re after the precise sound in that video it is less suitable.

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Thanks, I downloaded the demo of WAVES OVox but I still don’t get it. There must be something I’m missing. In Cantabile I can route the audio input and a keyboard into the plug-in but I can’t get the MIDI from the keyboard to drive the note outputted like I would expect. Do you have experience with this kind of thing? It seems like it should be dead simple to do.

Found the issue, my test keyboard’s midi driver was not sending midi notes and had me confused. But thanks so much for recommending a Vocoder as the type of plugin needed.

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Believe it or not MDA Talk Box (free) sounds fantastic when you mix some pink noise in with the synth (a common trick apparently). MDA would have been among my last choices to try but I stumbled across a You Tube for it, tried it out, and have not found anything better. Melda’s vocoder sounds just as good and has pink noise addition built in. Everything else I tried, which is not everything out there, but were the usual suspects, were not close to these two, imo.