Request: multi-key song search

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Adding songs to set lists is a commonly used function. I currently have to type the first letter multiple times or just once followed by up and down to select a song. It would be nice if consecutive key presses within a certain amount of time would search for the next letter in the title. For instance, typing “pla” would select Play That Funky Music instead of the first song starting with A.

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On a related note, it would be great to have a kind of incremental search filter when adding racks, instead of a basic file dialog. So you could type “String” and it would match Omnisphere Strings.cantabileRack and StringSynth.cantabileRack, and you could then select from a shortlist with arrows, or just hit return if there’s a single match. You could still have a “Browse” button to bring up a file dialog, if you need a rack from a non-standard location.

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yes - good idea! +1 on that!

This has been raised once before and I’m happy to do it, but there’s a weird technical reason why this doesn’t work that’s not even worth trying to explain. I’ll see if I can find a work around.

So kinda like the insert plugin dialog, but for racks?

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Exactly :slight_smile:

Also my wish :slight_smile:
New functions are great but imo there’s still lots of improvement possible for the existing. Maybe let’s focus on that.

So, by saying “let’s”, does that mean you are helping Brad code C3 now? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think as a community we all help out create a better product yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suggest a filtered Text Box / List Box combination. When a TextChanged event is raised for the Text Box it splits the text content up by spaces, fills the list box with only those song titles that contain all of the text fragments and selects the top song. When the up or down arrows are pressed the selected song in the list box is changed. When Enter is pressed the selected song in the list box is added, focus is returned to the text box and the entire text box content is highlighted for easy re-entry.

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@brad: Has there been any progress on this? Being able to type a part of the song name and hit enter could cut set list build time before gigs by as much as 90%. I’d be glad to help in any way I can, including writing the algorithm if it would help.

To be honest I’d forgotten about it :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get to it next week while waiting for this stupid code signing certificate issue to be resolved.

In the meantime… I’ve got the algo already since I’ll use the same one as the insert plugin window. From what I can understand there’s two places this is desirable:

  1. When adding songs to a set list.
  2. When selecting racks to insert into a song.

Anything else?


I can’t think of anywhere else I search for things. This and scripting capabilities are the only things I’ve really been missing.

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Looking forward also. It’s a small but important improvement. It’s my standard way of searching.
Starting to type the first letters…

Add song to set list done (will be in next build).

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Wow. Great feature.

What do you think about a check mark that makes Cantabile also look for songs in subfolders too?

Finished implementing the same feature for Insert Linked Rack - will also be included in the next build.

It already does that - notice the second column “Location” that shows which sub-folder the song is in.



Stay healthy!

Awesome!!! Looking forward to the next stable build with this.

Didn’t realise! :joy:
I’ll be moving songs for non coverbands now :love_you_gesture: