Request: Ability to hide or shutter Objects in the routes tab

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Hi All,

I have been meaning to ask about a feature request. I would like to be able hide or shutter (shrink to a single line with an expansion handle) certain objects from my routing tabs and view only the relevant objects for my songs. I have a number of of background utilities racks in my songs and I don’t need to see except when programming them and they clutter up the routes tab. Of course you would need to be able to restore them as needed. If anyone else could use this chime in and Thanks as always!


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Interested in other feedback on this…

I do like that option as well for the same reason. Of course your only hiding the object line. You still can use input and output routings while hided.


Yes, I make utility racks that only need to have some elements visible for programming and use and other elements I don’t want changed accidentally or seen when using the utility for the feng sui of the deal.

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Logged here:

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