Removing support for direct rack to rack connections

Hey all,

Currently in Cantabile Performer you can reference one linked rack from another and directly create routes between them.

Eg: suppose you have two racks “instrument” and “effects” you can insert the effects rack into the instrument rack and then create routes to it.

Well you’re supposed to be able to but it crashes if you try in latest builds So I’m guessing no one is actually using this.

Given the complexity this introduces I’m seriously considering removing it. The work around will be to explicitly create those connections in the parent song.

Anyone object?

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Sounds fine to me. A rack shouldn’t be able to assume another rack exists.



I think the “workaround” is the way most people (including me) would do it in first place anyway

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Stability is priority!
Sounds like a line for a governement manifestation :wink:

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Thanks guys… gonna kill it.