Remote viewer for iPad/Android Tablet

IT would be really cool to have a remote viewer
/controller running on tablet. No need to have the plugin interface in my view, but transport, session, sub session, …

Hi Patrick,

Yep, I agree this would be the best way to remotely control Cantabile and is the motivation behind this:

Even though I’ve done a ton of iOS development, building a complete app is a lot of work and initially I suspect this will be in the form of web interface (ie: point web browser on any device to Cantabile ip:port and get remove view on it).

See similar discussion and comments here.

The easiest remote viewer, without any need to play around with WiFi and slow down your system is this here:

And if you want to interact, not only view:

Just requires some cables (HDMI and optionally USB) from your Cantabile machine to your masterkeyboard - and the all-singing-all-dancing “Live View” :smile:

I’ve thought about using VLC or WiDi or other remote viewing options via the network, but for all of them I didn’t like the latency or system load effects. So I went down the conventional route.

Yes, if there were a simple remote viewing option via a built-in web server (just build the “simple live view” in HTML and serve it locally as well as remotely?), I would consider it - sounds like a protocol with very little resource overhead. But it would need to react very quickly - can’t wait for a couple of seconds for the display to update after changing the song…

But currently, I am (almost - waiting for Live View) super-happy with my wired remote-viewing solution - zero latency and zero resource usage! Keep Things Simple!!




I just downloaded the trial and will probably buy soon. As a professional developer / armature musician myself, I was looking for this product and thinking of developing it until I found your website. In fact, I have written very simple versions of this for a band a while back Using c# / nAudio for an ASIO interface to my Behringer X32. I had iOS / Android clients running native apps. My remote app communication was based on web-sockets / JSON (using signalR). It worked well most of the time, but WiFi can lead to some tricky situations (performance wise). I would recommend a UDP based protocol. It works much better for this type of app and you can broadcast info (using multicast). You can also use UDP for server discovery / auto configs.

Also, I would not build a complete app, just a remote control of sorts.

let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey Mark,

Thanks for the thoughs - I agree completely.


check mk ultra for that guys!

Which one?! :fearful: