Remote MIDI Collaboration

Looking for suggestions / pointers to how I might collaborate on-line using MIDI.

In a simple example, let’s say I’d like to give a lesson or play a duet where we both have wind synths. I’m wondering what they and I would need to have them send MIDI from their Wind Synth to me, which I would render, and return to them the audio result of both of us playing …

I currently do this across the studio or the stage with my keyboard players, and it works fantastico.

Some setup which minimizes latency would probably be a high priority.

Check out rtpMIDI A bit fiddly, and you’d have to know a little bit about networking, but would work in principle.

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Thanks for that @johncarter … I’m already using the Erichsen loopMIDI without a hitch.

The fiddly part … like forwarding ports on your router … would probably be a show-stopper in the use-case I’m thinking of. Was hoping for more of a Zoom-like experience … “Hey, Zoom folks … how 'bout adding MIDI to your web client?”

Perhaps Elk Live?
The price has put me off trying.
Not only do all users need a hardware box, but also a subscription.

Found this too …

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There are beta vst plugins for:

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