Remote control for Cantabile new feature wanted

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It’s about the remote (android) programm: WebUi

It would be very usefull to be table to fastfoward (or back) the media files like what Cymatic have done in the Utrack24 remote control.

I saw that on YouTube here and I am very interested at 2:16

Don’t you agree ?

Thx to read ans comment

David Rey


Why don’t you use an application like TouchOSC? Where is the benefit of a dedicated app?


Because I want to see/control the states and the mediafile at the same time.

And i like the remote like it is… just missing fast and back buttons…


Hi @daveurope

There’s a couple of parts to this:

  1. Fast forward and rewind of media player isn’t even supported in Cantabile’s own UI yet, but it’s on the list. (See here)
  2. Changing the transport position is supported in Cantabile UI, but not remotely.

Which parts are you suggesting? 1 or 2 or both.



Thank you for your reply!

Sincerely I would use the 2 options:

  1. When I play at home in the software.
    It would be great to have those fonctions Linked to a cc command like 2 pads or 2 buttons… is it possible already?

2)And in rehearsal, changing position remotely on an Androïd phone…that would be amazing!!!

And maybe the best deal would be a line quite large, not to miss positions with my big fingers…or maybe in the the webUi page, placing it in a central position ? I don’t know…

So both… :slight_smile: and I know it’s on future plans…I’ m not patient at all. Lol…Sorry!

Thx Again !