Remap values for ALL CCs on a port or channel?

I’m trying to create a filter to remap the values for ALL CCs coming in on a port channel from 0-127 to 0-4

Bindings and MIDI filters only allow me to select specific CCs so I’d have to duplciate the filter for all valid CCs on that channel.

Is there another way to do it?

For context, what I’m actually trying to do is quantize the values coming from faders on a control surface so that instead of 128 different values I just want 5 - 0,31,63,95,127.

So I’ll remap 0-127 to 0-4, send it back out on a loopback port and remap it again from 0-4 to 0-127.

Maybe you can do it with sysex decoder/encoder ?

I don’t have a solution for mapping all CC’s in one filter, but you shouldn’t need to use a loopback port… just stack the two filters one after the other…