Reloading Midi Files or Alternative Best Practive

Hi All,

I’ve recently purchased Solo after enjoying Lite for some time, and may eventually purchase performer if I put together enough pieces to earn money playing live.

I’m currently using a midi file as a track master which controls tempo etc through the media player, as well as several other midi files triggering synthesizers with backing parts. As I’m constructing songs I find I’m using an external editor to make modifications to these files in order to get everything as I need it. I’m wondering if there is a way to quickly reload these files so that my changes will take affect?

Currently I am performing edits to the files with an external program, then selecting a different file and then re-selecting the original file in order to force changes in. Is there a more efficient way to do this or a better practice for when constructing songs? A reload button in the track listing of the media player would be an amazing thing, but I don’t know if there is a better way to do this.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


Hi @duddude

That use case wasn’t really considered when I designed this part of Cantabile - but it makes sense. I’ve logged a task to investigate improving this.



@brad - Also, i’ve run into the same thing for image files in Show Notes. IIRC, switching to another song and back was what was needed to get the image to reload (should also work for the original poster’s MIDI files).

@brad Wow, thanks for the response that’s a fantastic level of communication! I appreciate it.

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I really need this feature, too.
I would suggest the following:

  • add an option to the media file player for a given file: reload on changes
    (activates a background-thread monitoring if the file changes and then autoreloads it)
  • add an action “reload current file” for the media player to allow to create bindings to force the reloading

This is the single missing feature that prevents me from buying this great program.
Would be also useful for audio files (therefor the more general suggestion).

@brad I saw this was added in most the most recent build, amazing! I appreciate your willingness to incorporate requested features and listen to the community. Thanks so much!

I can be a bit slow, but sometimes I eventually get things done :slight_smile: