Refresh same Rack State on Song Load


I have a linked rack, ‘Rack-YC61’ in every song that I use for just changing patches on this midi keyboard.
‘Song A’ loads … ‘Rack-YC61’ loads the selected state (e.g. State 3) … program change sent … all good.

However, if during the song, I change patches on the YC61 front panel, and the next song (‘Song B’) has the same selected state (State 3) then the program change doesn’t get sent.
(presumably because Cantabile thinks that ‘State 3’ is already selected for that rack)

Fair enough … So I figured I’d have to put a binding in the Background Rack to always refresh that particular racks, selected state.
I don’t want this to be at song level, and I don’t want to index anything. Just needs to refresh the selected state, by resending the associated program change, always (if it can’t happen natively).

As far as the binding ‘Target’ - ‘Point’ goes, Update state, reset state and reset all looked promising but nothing works. (using the test button)
Next State, Previous State, and all the indexing options work fine.

Am I missing something?

Hi Peter,

How exactly are you using the state changes to send the PG change? Are you using bindings?

There is this on more recent versions using 4170. It re-invokes the bindings that are rack state based on a Song load.


I’ve done it like this

I’ll try your suggestion a bit later in the day. Sorry for any delay, I’m at +12

Hi Peter,

Thanks, I’m not sure if it will work but I can try and test it here too. :slight_smile:


From my look at it I would change your Source on your rack state bindings to On State Load type because they are compatible to the binding I posted earlier whereas the Selected State Index is not. You check the Target for the state behaviors for the binding.

Then on each rack state set your banked pg change number

When done this way you can resend the values of the binding on a song load and solve the problem you are having.

Hope this helps.


OK … so I’ve changed the source point of my binding to ‘On State Load’.
It makes more sense to me, inside a ‘rack’, to refer to a rack condition rather than a song condition. (maybe it doesn’t really matter)
Anyway, just changing that has made it work natively, without having to employ any other logic i.e ‘revoke state load bindings’ (which also didn’t work previously)

So thanks for that … I wasn’t thinking ‘in the right place’ … so to speak!
Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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