Recover deleted recordings

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I lost 1 week of improvisation because the program automatically deleted it. At first I didn’t understand why it puts PIN marks on recorded files. I have removed these markings. I found the “Pinned Recordings” check box in the Options menu, which was turned on. I turned it off. I interpreted this to mean that the two fields below, where the default settings are 7 days each, are not valid either, since I disabled the check box. After 1 month, I was shocked to find that 1 week of improvisation I had done 1 month ago had disappeared without a trace. But it disappeared in such a way that file recovery and deep search programs cannot find anything. How is it possible? A music program can never delete anything without your knowledge. How can I restore these files? I didn’t want to delete them, I need them. I have now set the 7-day settings to 0, but I will note again that this is extremely confusing, because if I do not check the checkbox, the settings below it should not be taken into account. Why is deletion set by default at all? A music program should not delete anything without my knowledge. By default, these should be set to zero. If I want to, I’ll delete it. However, files deleted by myself cannot be recovered either. Where does the program put them, how does it delete them, so that even the most powerful file recovery programs cannot find the files? If I know that there are such problems, I will never start using the program, my confidence is completely shaken, since I lost 1 week of material just because the program was suddenly deleted my files in the background!

Hi Sandor and Welcome to the Forum,

I’m sorry you got surprised by the program but must point out that this program is well documented. The online guide clearly stated the way the recorder section worked.

If your confidence is shaken I recommend reading the guide before you try something new in Cantabile so you don’t get disappointed. I honestly hope you find what ever helps you make your music comfortably, it’s what matters in the end.

Cheers, :slight_smile:


Losing the music files is a terrible feeling. I will never again use a program that has had this happen once. This is the rule for me, it will be difficult for me to calm down anyway.

TBH if you make changes to options that you don’t understand, then don’t blame the software if it does what it is supposed to do - and what is clearly stated in the manual.

Cantabile has the 'pinned" option on by default, so files do NOT get deleted automatically.

OK, you misunderstood something, made a wrong setting and lost your files. Cantabile is a complex piece of software - it will take some learning. You might want to consider this part of your learning journey…

In short: read the guides, watch the videos - if you get stuck, come here and ask questions.