Recordings are tmp format?

I changed them manually to .wav, works fine.
But is this the normal setting?

.wav is the default I think Sven :slight_smile:

yeps, but they are all tmp in my folder?

It’ll become a .wav and a .mid as soon as you stop recording!
At least it does so for me.

I push the red button again to stop, so maybe I do it wrong?

I did the same… it’s working as expected for me.
x64 Build 3224
win 10

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W10 also, maybe it’s a rights problem

my user is admin.
But I doubt it, because it’s in the users documents-folder.
Or did you change that maybe?

File should be .tmp during recording. Once recording is completed, the file’s wave header is updated closed and then renamed to .wav.

If you’re getting left with .tmp files something must be failing somewhere.

Perhaps send me a debug log file covering a recording and I’ll check it out: