Recordings and Output Volume

I am pretty new to the Cantabile software and I’m wondering if my output volume is too low. I am wondering about the volume level because the wav files created from playing with a set of effects has a very low volume. If I open them in say Audacity, you can see the wave file height is very small. (see photo).
FYI - I am using an LR Baggs violin pickup and that’s my instrument. I am using a Zoom UAC-2 audio interface, and I have the Hi-Z (for high impedance pickups) on. I have the gained turned up some, and I can see the volume level in the software. It’s not clipping or raising up to the top of the level meter, but it’s not at the bottom either.

So - is the volume of the wave file created by recording indicative of the volume being output to the audio card?


Hi @Vmusic

Probably what you’re noticing here is the difference between the way Audacity displays amplitude and Cantabile’s level meters.

Normally amplitudes are display in dB which is a logarithmic scale. Audacity is displaying the waveform in a linear scale.

When you play the file in Audacity you should see Audacity’s level meters display the levels similarly to Cantabile’s as I’m pretty sure it uses a dB scale for it’s meters.


Thanks - I am, maybe was, concerned that my signal is too weak.