Recording Live with Cantabile 3 and Using Audacity to Extract Stems

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This video demonstrates how to record both your hardware inputs (like synths and microphones) AND your VST Instruments in Cantabile as multi-track recordings during your live performances. We cover creating output ports for use by the VST Instruments, Assigning those ports, checking the ports you wish to record in the “Ports to Record” region, Renaming the files from the Recordings tab, opening them in Audacity, using “Make Stereo Track” to combine your mono L&R tracks into stereo ones, re-naming each track (the new names become the file names of the stems), and exporting “multi” to extract the stems to a folder of your choosing. I also explain why I use Cantabile as my primary “invention” tool for coming up with new, practically FINISHED materials complete with audio stems and a full MIDI record of the performance for making large corrections to mistakes on segments you want to use as they were played.

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Daisy, I hope you didn’t get the impression Cantabile can record video. The big thing Cantabile can do that other recording software cannot is to make multi-track recordings of your performances for editing later on inside of a DAW, and this video shows how to extract each track as a separate “stem”. (A “stem” is a term for an individual file for each track.)


TBH, @terrybritton, I think you can safely ignore Daisy C - the only posts I’ve seen from this user are badly-disguised ads for the video editing software - which shall not be named here :wink:

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I suspected as much but was just making sure.