Recording Level and Accuracy

I am running Cantabile Pro on a Surface 4 Pro tablet. I’m using a Zoom UAC-2 audio interface. I have an electric violin as my instrument. In my audio interface there are 2 inputs, and I am using one as the instrument (violin) has a single output jack - just like any electric guitar.

My problem is that there seems to be an excessive amount of violin bow noise in the audio interface output - AFTER the signal goes through Cantabile. I push the output of my audio interface through a PA system amp - very clean, but the sound is terrible because of excessive bow noise. I routed the audio interface output to my DAW to see if I recorded it what would I hear. The DAW is slightly less irritating than the PA, but still the bow noise is terrible.

HOWEVER… I recorded the output in Cantabile, and it doesn’t seem bad, in fact it’s hardly noticeable.

So — I’m wondering. Is the Cantabile recorder truly recording the output signal “as is”???
Is my audio interface somehow amplifying and in the process distorting the signal as well???

Any Thoughts?
Bowed Out in Beantown

Hi @Vmusic

That’s interesting. I don’t really have an explanation. Certainly Cantabile isn’t doing any processing on the audio at all - it simply takes the audio signal and writes it to file.

The only thing that might explain it is if you’re running quite loud and the output limiter is kicking in. See Options -> Audio Engine. You could try turning that off and see if it makes a difference. Other than that, the only audio manipulation Cantabile does is gain adjustments.