Recording in Cantabile 3 (cpu load, point-of-save & file type)

Hi- I have 3 questions regarding the ‘recording function’ in Cantabile 3:

  1. What effect does the task of recording have on the overall CPU ram memory load?

  2. Do the recorded files get written and also saved in real time, so that if the system crashed at any point, the files up to that point would still be retrievable? (I currently have been using Sony sound forge to record full shows, and in the rare event that there was a malfunction/crash, the files are retrievable up to the point of the crash)

  3. Does Cantabile record mp3 files as well as wave files?

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Negligible. The actual disk writing is done on a separate thread and the only additional RAM used is for a set of audio buffers that are fed to the writer thread and later returned to the audio thread once written. ie: RAM doesn’t increase with recording length.

The files are written in realtime however a valid wav file also has a length written into it’s header - which isn’t written until the recording stops. So atm the the recordings are written and the data would be there and would be recoverable but audio applications would probably get confused by the incorrect length in the header. You could probably recover the recording using Audacity’s raw file reader.

That said, it’s a good point and I could probably update the writer thread to periodically update the length header - say every 5 seconds or so shouldn’t impact performance in any noticeable way.

No - at least not at the moment.

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I just realized that I only addressed audio recording.

For MIDI recording the recordings are held completely in RAM and only written to disk once the recording completes. A crash mid-MIDI recording will be lost - however I could probably provide a similar solution as the audio recorder and periodically write it in case of catastrophic failure.

Logged it here so I don’t forget about it.