Recording and playback during rehearsal


Thanks for a great product! I use Cantabile for rehearsal and play along to the metronome. Sometimes I get a decent take and would like to keep a version of the recording without the metronome. Could you make it possible to save two editions of a recording simultaneously? One with the metronome and one without.

Also my workflow is a bit clunky when listening to recordings. Usually I’m still carrying my guitar. It’s a hassle to take it on and off with the headphones and cables going everywhere. Could you make it possible to listen to the most recent recording using a single keypress so that I don’t have to leave Cantabile?

Hi tofflos,

Until Cantabile can record to 2 media recorders with 2 different port configurations this will not be possible with C3. Currently if I am correct Cantabile records a stereo file for the main outs if that is all that is selected (L and R), but when it records the metronome at the same time C3 creates a multi channel file (L and R and Center). This center track has the metronome. You can’t hear the metronome with a stereo set but can if you have a center channel using 5.1 surround etc … . So with an editor you can remove the metronome channel if you wish or remix all to stereo (Metronome and music mixed). I use wavosaur free editor it has good easy channel processing. Hope this helps.


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Why not just record the midi?
Then you can play back with or without the metronome.

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If you’re recording both the audio outputs (eg: the “Main Speakers” port) and the metronome sounds (ie: the “Metronome” port) then Cantabile will be writing these to separate channels in the audio file.

Try opening the recording in something like Audacity - you should see metronome on it’s own channel which you can split off manually.