Recommended digital piano for beginning/intermediate player?

My girlfriend is looking to get a digital piano, something for the house with scaled weighted keys and good sound. We’re looking in the 500 to $700 range. I was looking at the Yamaha p125 and it seems to fit the bill. And pretty much all of them have midi out via USB so I can plug it into C3…That is if she lets me :smirk:. Any thoughts? Thanks!

The guy that runs one of the open mics I used to go to :cry: has a Casio Privia PX-5S that I think sounds very good. He’s a real pounder so I’m impressed with the build quality. It’s a couple hundred over your target but…

EDIT: I just checked Sweetwater - they have an open box for $900

You can pick up the P124 on right in your price range.
Decent piano for a beginner.

Thanks, looking like the P125 is best after all.