Recommandations for foot switch/pedal > start/stop mediaplayer?


I struggle with a midi footswitch control solution in order to e.g. start/stop the C3 media player.
Here I bought the footswitch PS-3 from Korg.

Obvousily the C3 media player needs a “constant midi signal” to start/stop the player.
With e.g. my Nano Control device it works.
The Korg footswitch obvouisly sends only short midi signals.

Question 1
Is there a workaround to start/stop the media player with “short midi signals”?
I tried so far several binding possiblitlies/combinations without success.

Question 2
Is there a workaround to transform the “short foot switch midi signal” into a hold signal?

Question 3
Which foot controller (producer/model) sends “midi hold signals” in order to start/stop the media player?
(So far I would need only one foot switch button)


Just theorizing here, but could a “footswitch transport” rack be created that has two states, where state one accepts a button press and starts the transport and also switches to state two. State two then accepts the same button press to stop the transport and switches to state one.

Haven’t looked, but I’m surprised there isn’t a “Toggle” option in the bindings. This state-switching idea could be a workaround, perhaps, but haven’t tried it yet (only 6:30 A.M here…).


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Hey Blade

You can salvage your pedal if you try some of these ways

1st check your binding to the media player Play command. It might just need the controller type to be changed to ‘Controller (No Edge Button)’ instead of the the default which is just plain ‘Contoller’ , which covers the variable sliders as well as passing switches through it unchanged. It sounds like the switch is making too many triggers (switch bounce) so the edge option might correct it. If you want another solution that works you can trap the pedal input and use as a trigger that can be converted to a button switch which is not prone to switch bounce effect. ( when you press down on the pedal it makes a 127 followed imediately by a 0 and blocks the other bounce signals. Below is an example of this using the CC 64 sustain code

you put these binding in a linked rack and then put the rack between your pedal and the media player in your routing scheme. Heres a rack like that to play with …

Momentary to Button Switch.cantabileRack (4.2 KB)



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Not sure what you mean - the C3 media player definitely doesn’t need a “constant midi signal” if you use the right kind of binding. I sometimes use a standard hold pedal to play / pause a song - your PS-3 is the same kind of pedal (sends one MIDI controller value when pressed and another when released).

So the kind of binding you need to play/pause would be this:

or this:

The difference: “No Edge Button” triggers on any non-zero controller value, whilst “Button” will only trigger when coming from a value < 64 to one > 64. With a normal setting of your foot switch, it should normally send a controller value of 127 when pressed and one of 0 when released.

For the binding, I’ve used a CC 64, but of course you can use any other controller that your pedal may send. And in my pictures, I’ve used a “play/pause” binding, but there is also a “play/stop” binding that will reset your song to zero whenever it is stopped.

Now whenever you press and release the pedal, playback will start; on the next press, it will pause or stop.

@terrybritton: you’ll see in these pictures that there IS a toggle option for play/pause as well as for play/stop.

@dave_dore: I guess the issue about “short midi signals” may not be about switch bounce, but mainly about the fact that the pedal is momentary and not a toggle switch. But starting and pausing (or stopping) the media player with a momentary pedal is perfectly feasible using the binding above.




I thought I’d seen that, but wasn’t at a proper computer to check.


Hi @terrybritton @dave_dore @Torsten,

thanks a lot for all the information and screenshots! It helped and I get it work now :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend