Receiving a note on/off message in rack and route it to whatever plugin

suppose you are receiving a note in a linked rack and you want to simply route this note to a specific plugin in main song …

is this an unusual question?

Hi Simone,

There are few unusual questions I’ve seen on this forum so I’m sorry no one answered you but I’ll give it a try. If you want to get at the main song with your note then it must either route to the rack out from your binding and then be routed outside the rack or you can modify the target to be looped back to a “Main Keyboard” or other Input route you have set up in options for your songs. You can create a special virtual MIDI input port in options with it’s own name for this purpose and name it accordingly if you want to keep it away from the Main Keyboard port.

setup port example

binding example

Song level routing example (‘note mixer’ rack is representative of yours)

Routing directly to the plugin from the rack binding isn’t available for notes. If you need assistance setting one up let me know.