Realtime tempo recognition

Hi all,
Have you read that the modx can recognize in realtime the tempo from an audio source?
It sounds EXTREMELY useful, Do you know if I can do the same with any VST+cantabile?
Thank you for any suggestion.


I just tried this and it seems to work without issue with Cantabile once you get the settings correct.
I have Freq set to 500, Filter enabled, Tolerance 50%, and Period at 10 seconds.

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thanks, I’ll try. I initially discarded it because of the review on kvr. It seems the only solution.

I have thought about this and if humans can recognize beats then some kind of machine learning technique should be able to do it as it’s “just” pattern matching. I don’t know how hard it is to implement this as a VST and I’m certainly not well-versed in any of the technologies to realise it. But it definitely should be possible (in theory).

If you need a Lightsoftware …buy Lightjams, then you have excelent tools for this :wink:

…also you can send the detection with Midi Out to other applications

but it’s crazy, heavy stuff

thank you Juergen, It’s not my need but thanks to your post now I know I need some smarter lights :slight_smile:

more than theoretically, the yamaha modx listen the audio input and learn the tempo from there. It very useful to have arpeggiators and delays synced to the drummer without a click.

I prefer to sync the drummer :wink:

My argument is that I have to listen to a drummer to keep in time with them, so why can a drummer not keep in time to another “master tempo” source if he expects us to?

Luckily I have mainly worked with drummers who are happy to do that.

My reason for wanting this, is not just to have things like effects or a few extra layers on the backing track, but because it allows us to do a full light show perfectly in time to the music (with no risk of tempo miss detection - unless the humans screw up…) and ditto for the video show, which starts with the Cantabile transport starting. So you get music, lights and video all in time - all without having to pay extra people to press buttons.

Works for me :slight_smile:


Music, lights, video, midi presets on external devices, and effects on the mixers using OSC. Cantabile runs it all for us using bindings, transport triggers, VSTs, and .bat files that have OSC commands in them.

Why pay anyone besides the talent? :wink:


That’s my point exactly :slight_smile: But to do that we all (drummer included) need to be in time to what we have in Cantabile. We have a few songs places we can do free form, like the “Jam” section in Echoes or “Run Like Hell” where I can do lights from the bass synth notes I play (and there is no video to run for that).


And to me its the difference between playing some songs on stage and putting on a show - where we do not have the budget to pay for roadies, lightman, video man, extra musos on stage, whilst still being able to fit in the venues around here. We’re a seven piece band as it is (two guitars, keys, bass, drummer, two backing singers). :slight_smile:

I appreciate that does not quite answer the OP question, but in my opinion, I think it is better to have everybody running to clicks, if you need to be synchronised.