Re-Trigger Metronome via Key-down event?

What I’m trying to do is I have an arpeggio that runs on a Jupiter8v (Arturia) vst and is sync’d to Cantabile’s midi clock. I have a drummer that does not use in-ears, and the click from his wedge bothers other band members and bleeds into the stage mics.

If I had a way to basically re-start the click cycle when I change chords on the controller, which are all whole notes, then any tempo drift would be minimized and only drift for at most 4 beats. I’m not wanting to change the TEMPO value and don’t have an extra hand to tap qtr-notes, just trying to find a way to track the arpeggio tempo to the drummer.

Can the tap-tempo track chords played on the whole-notes (the “1” of a 4/4 measure) without being thrown off by notes played a few ms apart? I’m not good enough to get all 3 notes of a chord to fire at the exact same time…haha.

Is there a tolerance window setting that limits tap tempo change to say 5 bpm?

Thanks guys.

~ vonnor

Hey vonner,

Re-triggering the metronome Measure marker can be done with these 2 bindings

It might do it, let me know if it works for what you are doing, it triggers on any note so your last finger to hit on your chord would start the new cycle I think.



That’s a slick idea, Dave. I will give it a try, thanks!

Hey Dave,

Wanted to let you know your idea works like a charm, although it has to be a new note other than any note that is already down and sustained by CC64. I tested that by slowing the tempo to 30. For my application (Hungry Like The Wolf Arpeggio) I can lift and re-play one note in the chord every 4 beats and the drift from the drummer is not noticeable, nor is the missing note for one beat. I have my lowest key bound to tap-tempo and just tap along as he 4-clicks into the intro. If he gets way off the tempo I can re-tap the key to get it closer to his tempo. All in all it sounds almost like he’s playing to MY click. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea.

~ Bill

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