Raise volume without clipping?

the audio output always seems to be way quieter than most other apps on my computer. But I can’t raise any volume sliders without the output turning orange aka clipping.

Interesting you bring this up - I’ve noticed all my ASIO devices and software that produce sound through them have lower volume than Windows audio. In my case it’s not a problem because I use a hardware mixer so I can rebalance. An example of where I run into this is when using YouTube to learn a part - I have to reduce the YouTube volume quite a bit to balance with the bass amp sim I’m running in Cantabile.

This can be done in Windows Sound Mixer - just lower the sliders of the “loud” apps so they balance with Cantabile. Right click on the sound icon and choose “open volume mixer”. When I use that method I’m down to about 25% level for the browser application.

This assumes you have headroom on the device you’re using for monitoring so you can bring the listening level back up.

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