Racks within racks


I know that it’s not possible to use a linked rack within a linked rack, which is why we have the ability to insert an embedded rack from a file, so it’s no longer “linked”, but can still live inside another rack.

However the down-side of this is that if you update the originating linked rack on disk, any such embedded racks remain in their original state, not benefiting from the new changes.

I was wondering, how hard would it be to provide a feature a bit like the current “Use different rack”, which allows you to update an embedded rack that came from a linked rack on disk, with the new changes on disk, whilst maintaining any state-dependent behaviour? I guess it would break if a rack state was selected that no longer exists on the disk version, but otherwise would it be possible, in principle?

Alternatively, would it be possible to genuinely have linked racks within linked racks, if for example the rack only contains routing and no actual plugins?

The reason I’m asking is that I have various ‘utility’ racks that typically encapsulate different types of MIDI routing, filtering etc, for general reuse, and they don’t actually contain any plugins, and I have to use them as embedded racks in other racks…but then lose the ability to extend these utility racks unless I go through every occurrence.



Dude, you saw Inception right? Be careful with that stuff.


Exactly right!!!

Didn’t we figure out a way to get around that limitation using some true symlinks?


Wasn’t that to allow the same rack to be used twice in one song, at the song level? This is normally disallowed to avoid the awkward question of which one gets to store its settings to disk, and when do they both pick up changes on disk.

My query is more about allowing linked racks inside other racks, which I think Cantabile disallows for other reasons, probably relating to the difficulty that you could no longer entirely represent the parent rack on disk. In this case symlinks don’t help because Cantabile simply forbids you from putting linked racks inside other linked racks, whether they’re symlinks or not.



Aha - got it. Just rang a bell, that’s all! :slight_smile:



My bell rarely rings anymore…and when it does, it rings late. Rust is a bitch.