Rack with Kontak Scarbee EP88 (parameters sets)

Hi everyone … I’m new to this forum.
Congratulations for Cantabile !!!

Here’s my problem:
I created a rack with Kontakt 6 and 2 library (Scarbee A-200 and Scarbee Classic EP-88s). I created 3 states by changing the midi channel to play A200 or Ep-88. I set “preset Model” to “Parameter Sets” …
When I change state, cantabile correctly modifies all the plugin parameters except some of the Ep-88s library, in particular those of the effect levels (in the screen shots you can see that of the reverb). In the state # 2 I set all the reverb parameters to the minimum value, in the state # 3 all to the maximum value.
Changing between state # 2 and # 3 the parameters change but the values are not those set.
This only happens for the Ep-88s library while the A200 one works perfectly.
Could you tell me why?
thanks for the replies.