Rack States, fxb files and Certain VST's

This may be “Operator Error”, as I am just getting up to speed. It seems I have no problem with “Rack States” being memorized with certain VST’s, unusable in others and partially working in some VST’s

At the top of a VST GUI is the Preset Window. I can’t quite figure out is this a C3 file, is it a file that is part of the VST?

As examples:
VST’s that remember rack states
Pianoteq seems to work. At the top of the GUI I have a bunch of presets. Don’t know where these presets came from. It seems like a very random collection of the different Pianoteq instruments. But I can change them. But when I search my hard drive for *.fxb files I don’t see any that belong to Pianoteq.
VB3 - works as well, but at the top of the GUI I see the default presets that are part of VB3

VST’s that don’t remember rack states
Omnisphere at the top of the Omnisphere GUI it shows Presets 1, etc. I can rename them. And the Presets remember the different Omnisphere states. Preset 1 is set to a Multi. Preset 2 is set to a Program. When I alternate between the two at the top of the VST GUI everything works. But in C3, when I remember these two different states. I can go from Preset 2 (an Omni Program) to Preset 1 (an Omni Multi) with no problem. But can’t go back from 1 to 2. It stays stuck on State 1
FM8 - This VST just shows that the Presets are at the top of the VST GUI. And using different Rack States doesn’t seem to memorize the different patches

As a general Rule, I am trying to Name the Preset the same as the Rack State, as this makes for less confusion.

Questions…I wish I could ask some specific questions. But I am too confused to ask an intelligent one.

UPDATE: It seems like “Automatically Update States” Solved the Omnisphere issue. I assumed that this would be needed to be checked if I were to always save the Rack. In addition, I noticed that there is a check for this in both the Edit Rack mode and the Edit Song mode.

Just saw this post… so getting some clarification

What is the difference between an fxb file and a cantabileFxb file?
The deciding factor is the number of VST preset slots the plugin supports.

If the plugin supports multiple preset slots (eg: Ivory) then Cantabile works directly with those and exports as FXB files.

If the plugin only supports one preset slot (eg: Omnisphere) then Cantabile switches to “pseudo preset mode” where it maintains a copy of the entire plugin state for each preset slot. Under the covers Cantabile maintains an FXB for each preset and on selecting the preset loads that internally managed FXB.

When you export a bank from a pseudo preset managed plugin, there needs to be a way to export all these internally managed FXB’s as one file - and that’s what a .cantabileFxb file is - a special format only supported by Cantabile that contains multiple FXB files.

Regarding load times, switching presets on a non-pseudo plugin Cantabile tells the plugin “load preset N”. When switching pseudo presets, Cantabile says “here load this FXB”. How long the plugin takes to do that can vary wildly.