Rack States don't work anymore

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Hi @ Cantabile Community,

first of all: a happy and healthy new year.

I got a problem with rack states without being aware of having changed anything in my setup.
Here you see the main panel with 16 Ch. for my Yamaha MOXF8. CH2 are E-Pianos and I got a few different
rack states.

For example … the E-Pianos:

In every rack state the value now is set to 12 which is only the right value for the first rack state. I had different values for the other states and didn’t change them (why should I?).
It is (!) possible to change the value and to send the new value to the MOXF but it’s not possible to save it.

My questions:

  • why are the values equalized in all rack states although I didn’t change anything actively?
  • why is it impossible to save a new value? (I got no write protection on any file)

I don’t understand the root of this problem …

Regards from Cologne


Hi Christoph,

The problem is that all the rack states you made share the same bindings unless you specify otherwise. So you would need add a binding for each rack state and then disable and enable the other bindings you didn’t want to have load. From your pic you would need 6 bindings, one for each state and then have only the correct one enabled and the others disabled on a state by state basis.

Example :

rack state 1

and rack state 2

repeat for the other states. This is a complex way, you could also just change the target for each state like you intended.


Hi Dave,
thank you for your help. Your advice would surely be helpful but I didn’t check it 'cause the solution is much more simple. I just found out that the check boxes on the left side which you see below ‘state behavior - Binding’ are checked - I don’t know why, because I didn’t change them knowingly. Unchecking them all rebuilds my former setup. Every rackstate has it’s own value again.


Now I have to lookup what’s the function of the checkboxes on the left side. I never made up my mind, so I didn’t recognized them as changed (checked).
The problem is [SOLVED] ! I swear I’ll learn the guides by heart before I ask other silly questions :wink:
Thank you!

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Hey Christoph,

Sorry for my over complex offering, you can indeed just change the target for each state without all the extra bindings. And the extra checkboxes were allowing the song to influence the rack bindings. Glad you got it sorted!