Rack State or Routing Based on Background State

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What would be the way to go about having either a rack state or routing load according to something in the background rack?

So, I have a rack of hardware synths that I would like to add to my rig, but wouldn’t really be feasible for every gig. I can obviously maintain two versions of the song files and set lists, one with the hardware midi outs and one with the VST substitutes. But, ideally, I would use linked racks with parallel paths that will choose one state or the other when the song loads. Something I can set once at the beginning of the set and will it stay persistent across songs and various rack states for the VSTs. I feel like there’s a way to do it, but I can’t wrap my brain around the right combination of things to make it work. Any ideas?

Hey Sammy,

You should be able to do it with a single linked rack that has 2 states and 2 MIDI output ports. One rack state and port for hardware and one for softs. The hard wired state would route to the MIDI outs and the softs would route to the VSTs. The rack state could be set to act as global by unchecking it’s state behavior for saving rack states.

You’ll notice the state behaviors for the rack in the lower left, the boxes are unchecked for saving the rack state. That way when you set the racks state it stays that way until you manually change it again. Also you’ll notice that the rack has 2 MIDI output ports (MIDI Out Hardware & MIDI Out). Inside the rack you put these 2 routes and set them up to switch according to the rack state.

So that would be my solution for your setup. It is of course scalable if you have more than one keyboard controller. I hope it helps. :slight_smile:



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That’s exactly what I needed, thanks! I was hung up on keeping the VSTs in the same rack (which would need additional states) and didn’t think about having a rack purely to do the switching. We’re starting to work on syncing our light show and adding some tracks and automation - this also gives me the solution for having a “manual mode” switch for that if things go awry or we’re just not using it for that gig.

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