Rack State - "On Unload" binding with Delay working properly?

I am testing this rack state binding.

When I change rack state, I was expecting it to.

  1. Wait 2 seconds
  2. Then send CC61
  3. Then wait another 2 seconds
  4. Then load the next rack state
  5. Then fire the bindings on the new rack state

What actually happens is that it waits 2 seconds, then CC61 is sent, Then immediately the “on load” bindings of the new state are fired, without waiting for the other 2 seconds.

Have I missed something?

I am using build 3277


Hi Al,

What’s happening is that the instruction is cancelling itself out

  1. The 2000 mS pre-delay is read as : when the trigger (rack state change) occurs wait 2000 mS and then immediately process the trigger (rack state change)

  2. The 2000 mS post-delay is read as : when the trigger (rack state change) occurs set the trigger but wait 2000 mS to process it

As you see both do the same thing as far as C3 is concerned. If either delay was longer (pre and post) then C3 defaults to the longer delay time. To do what you want I think the rack state change idea would need some more tinkering to find a solution. I’m not sure yet how to do it with a rack state change anyway. It seems like you need a trigger for the first cc message send that is done while in a stable state followed by another trigger that changed the rack state.


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Ah ok, thanks for that explanation Dave, that makes sense now.

Here’s my use case.

I have lighting setup in DMXIS. This could have a sequence going. These are sent to DMXIUS using rack state on load events to send MIDI messages to the plugin.

When, for example there is a guitar solo, I want to bring up an additional light using a “Guitar solo” rack state to send a MIDI event to DMXIS. Once the guitar solo is over, then I’d switch back to another lighting rack state.

However, I need to send another MIDI message to switch the guitar light off. That’s what the CC61 was doing.

I’ll keep experimenting.