Rack state change display changing with song when it shouldn't?

I have a rack which has the “let parent song change state and gain” option unticked.

Scrolling through my songs, and although the actual state does not change, and the preset on the plugin also does not change, but the displayed state in the C3 window does. I don’t think it should…

Here is a video. I have a “default” state which has the EQ set as flat, and a “+3dB” state which moves the gain up by 3dB. You can see that in some songs the +3dB state is displayed on the rack, but the gain on the EQ is flat. If I move to the next song and back again then the “default” state is shown correctly.

Is there a bug in the display that is causing it to show something different?



I think that the reason this happened is because at some point the song was saved while the “Home” or +3db was selected when the song was saved and the label lingers after you switch off the “let parent song change state and gain” option. It appears that the state label for the rack is saved in the parent song file and when it is unchecked it is not saved and remembered with the song. Hope I am understanding.