Rack question - One soft synth not changing

Okay, so I’ve built an embedded rack called “Synth Playground”. It has ten virtual synths. Each synth is originally getting a separate midi channel in from the rack midi. I change which synth is being played by choosing the right channel being sent from my controller. Working pretty much as I expected, except for one thing. I’m using Cherry Audio GX-80 as synth 1. I’ve now noticed, if I change the sound on GX-80 for song 1, then change it for song 2, going back to song 1, the sound is now the one from song 2. Have I missed something? I’ve saved each song, and each rack, no difference. Thanks in advance! CV

I thought racks were the same in every song and between songs. So if the rack is changed in song 2, it remains changed even when going back to song 1. Racks are not supposed to change, that’s why they are racks vs. individual plugins.

Maybe I’m confusing the nuances of embedded vs. linked, but it seem if the rack is changed in one song, it will change it the other songs.

Sounds like maybe state behaviour or exported settings? I think you’ll need to export the ‘selected program’ so the song controls it.

One option (1) is to export selected program for every synth in the rack; alternatively (2) you’ll need to set state behavior of “selected program” for all the synths within the rack and then have different rack states that you can select within a song.

If you want to control individual synths within your rack per song, option (1) is better, if you want to treat the rack as a “preset synth” and simply choose rack presets per song, choose option (2).



Thanks all! I’m sorting through the info, and realizing what I’ve been probably doing wrong.

Glad you’re getting it sorted out. FWIW I did a similar thing and had several synths and sample players in one rack. I also used rack states, same as what Torsten suggests. It worked fine for a few years. Then one day out of the blue I started having issues, with only a few rack states. After way too much time troubleshooting and trying to repair with the replace function and other methods, I discovered for some reason one plug in was to blame, but replacing it with a new instance or even an updated version of course broke all the routes.
I ended up splitting out the different plugins to separate racks and rebuilding them, keeping the one plug in within the original rack that had the most states and was working properly, to save time rebuilding. So one rack might even have two or sometimes 3 instances of the same plug, but I avoid mixing them within the same rack. However I still do have an effects rack with 10 different plugins, but I try to keep the rack states down to a minimum number, in case something breaks in the future. I use exported state when changing my effects, so it’s saved with the song.

I don’t know if that is necessarily best for everyone, and Brad or others may have a better idea, but for me it seems to have solved my issue. And if it happens again it will be much easier to troubleshoot and replace the offending plugin.

So after muddling around, and a lot of failure, I went in and got rid of the Linked rack, and just put VSTi instances in the songs that need them. I usually use maybe three or four of the plugins, not the 10 or 11 I put in the rack anyway. I use soft synths, not sample based things, so they load pretty fast.

Thanks all!