Rack gain disappeared from routing screen?

I’ve a feeling I’m missing something simple.

I have a Kontakt rack that is missing the gain slider on the routing screen. Is there an option to turn it back on somewhere?

All my other racks have the slider showing, including another Kontakt rack.


Bumping this - I do have a couple of racks that are like this - without any gain slider. Any idea why?

Hi Al,

Do the racks behave this way when added to a new song and then down the road they lose the gain sliders? Just want to be sure whether it’s related to a corrupted song save or a corrupted rack save. Also, are the racks always the same ones or is it random?


If I add the rack to a new song then it doesn’t have the gain slider.

I haven’t ever edited these rack files manually either!

Do they work in older songs? Did they ever work right and for how long? It sounds like you should send the bad racks to @brad for evaluation. Could help all of us to know what happened!

What build are you running?

If you go into the Rack and then File -> Rack Options, do you have the option “Let parent song control this racks gain and state” turned off.

When this option was originally introduced it removed the gain and state settings from the parent song display - to enforce the idea that it’s not controllable by the song.

Later builds put them back - for convenience.

Or - is this something else?


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I’m running 3527. The “let parent song control this racks gain and state” is unticked in both the racks that this happens, so that explains it.

I ticked it again, and the gain slider is back. I did have to restart C3 before it appeared though.