Rack Gain adjustments not saved

I make adjustments to the rack gain sliders (on the main page) and 1. the little asterix that appears after the file name does not appear and 2. even if I manually save the file (either ctrl-s or file menu save as) the changes do not get saved.

Does this not work?

Racks have state switches, you need to select “Output Gain” checkbox. See below

Then the asterisk will appear beside song when rack gain adjustments are made. Bear in mind that the rack by it’s “across songs” nature will now be at the last gain accepted until it is changed and saved again in another song. This is with the switch on. Another way to change the rack gains so that they have song specific “Song” volumes is to alter the rack’s output route gain slider (with the state gain switch unchecked) see below for image. This also applies to the actual rack gain too when box is unchecked.

Hope this helps

Yes, it’s the second picture I am using, where a slider (external) is assigned to this. When this is adjusted it seems it is only while the song is active. If it is reloaded at another time this slider alwasy defaults to 0. IE it is never saved with the song.

I think I have had enough of racks. They are just way too complicated and need way to many arcane settings. AAt least when using “open” plugins when you make a setting it is save with the song. I do nto need such a complcated setup when essentailly all I am doing is using C3 to load two VST’s and a backing track.

I am now thinking it was a mistake to upgrade to Performer from Solo, JUST for getting racks. They have not been of any benefit to me at all. In fact, after this latest issue, I am re-doing all my songs to remove racks and move back to simpler setups.

Thanks for you help though, it ws appreciated.

Hey Dennis,

Sorry it’s not working for you. It tests ok here (3194) but you may have different stuff going on than me. Best of luck!

Hi @pax-eterna

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. I’ll take a look at this today to see if there’s an issue there.

If you’d like to email me your song / rack that might help me repro the issue.

Two quick questions:

  1. Are you using this rack across multiple songs
  2. Do you have set list preloading turned on


Hey Brad - thanks for popping in :slight_smile:

Nah notn using it across multiple songs. I have sorta given up on racks in general now, this was one of the last songs using a rack so I thought I’d give it one more try (trying to use racks without a myriad of other things to setup haha)

No setlist pre-loading at all. I still cannot find how to force C3 to save volume changes made when tweaking songs so they stayed with the song, if I could do that I’d probably stick with racks as they are an easy way to have instrument presets. But when I load songs whatever the last “saved” rack was gets loaded, not the song settings. I know it’s been explained to me and I try to check things but it still does nto seem to work. Hence the just forgetting racks altogether hahaha!


Hi Dennis,

Now that I’m at my PC, I just tried this and it seems to work fine except that the song isn’t marked modified when the slider is moved (which will be fixed in the next build). If I explicitly Ctrl+S to save each song then when reloading the song the rack’s gain is correctly restored:

I’m wondering if there’s something else with your song or rack interfering with things.

Which build are you running?

thanks Brad - build 3195. hmmm, it did not save when I used File - Save As either…okay, one last time haha, let me go back over the previous threads and posts I have been in re this and I’ll see if there is something I am missing…

With everyone else getting great utility out of racks, it must be something I am doing/not doing.

If I cannot see it, I will post back and we can go from there.


HI @pax-eterna,

OK. You might like to grab 3196 - this should now mark the song modified when you change the gain setting on a rack.