Rack for single plugin

Hi @brad
in order to save computer resources and fast song switch, when I’ve a long set-list (e.g. about 20 songs) I’m creating a rack even for a single plugin. For instance: on all songs I’ve my main keyboard assigned to Pianoteq, therefore I’ve created a Piano rack (including only Pianoteq) so that it’ll be loaded only once in that set-list. Is this the best and only approach or you have other suggestions to achieve the same goal? Thank you.

Hi Mistheria,

For fast switching and memory use this is the only and best way to get your goal. IMO


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Yes. Besides the single plugin, i also put in my Bindings (Sus pedal, a few controls for Pianoteq, etc.). My Piano rack actually has Pianoteq and Lounge Lizard because I often layer them. I have Rack States for the layers, vibratos, only one VST or the other, 8va transpose, double 8va, etc. I don’t put in any reverb or any other effects.

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Thanks for the confirmation @dave_dore
Sounds good :wink::ok_hand:

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Hi @RackedBrain thanks for the nice feedback!